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Radio WAN gets out and about in the Great Southern region of Western Australia with a couple of portable on-air studio units. We can provide on-the-ground and online broadcast coverage for corporate events, product launches and charitable fund raisers.

On the ground we can provide wireless speakers out to 500 metres from the broadcast point so that coverage of your event can be spread over a wide area without being unpleasantly loud anywhere.

For smaller static events, up to four wired speakers can be deployed and in all cases, the programme produced for your special event can be broadcast live online. Should you be planning a live music aspect to your event, we can provide mixing facilities, Front-Of-House PA, live performance recording and of course, live broadcasting of your entire event. Let’s talk your next event over and see what we can do for you.

We are providing coverage for the Albany Agricultural Society’s annual Agricultural Show, which runs November  11th and 12th 2022.  This is a big event, and for this, we have gained temporary authority to broadcast the event throughout the City of Albany on 98.5MHz FM as well as online.  We can do the same for you, although the FM broadcast aspect does require considerable forward planning.

By contrast, in February 2023, Radio WAN will be supporting the Haz Beanz 24-hour marathon fundraiser for the Albany Hospice.  This is a much smaller, but by no means less important event at which we roll out the ‘Outside Broadcast Lite’ rig.  We will be at Haz Beanz’ venue for the duration, helping keep the athletes awake and motivated while broadcasting the event online.

If you’re planning an event, commercial or charitable which you feel could benefit from a live Outside Broadcast, let’s chat about it through our ‘Contact Us link.