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About Us

At Radio Wan, we’re a bit old-fashioned. As classically trained broadcasters we view our job as providing you with entertainment when you want it and company when you need.

Our music library could best be described as ‘Classic Hits’ but the scope of music is rather wider, including many oddballs, novelties and mostly forgotten songs. We hope to stir lots of happy memories and even raise a few smiles.

Radio WAN is an online-only station, receivable by any Internet connected device, anywhere. While we’re based on a small horse farm in Torbay in Western Australia, we talk to you wherever you are, be it WA, the US, UK, EU or what ever the abbreviation is for where you are.

We’re a self-contained operation with our own broadcasting and production studios, meaning that we can produce material much faster than our competitors. Staffed by experienced ‘old-school’ radio people, we’re only interested in you.

At Radio WAN we don’t run a news service; who needs the depression of the world in their day? We’re probably not quite apolitical, but we keep our opinions to ourselves as we believe there are plenty of others ramming their beliefs down your throat!

We’re interested in you, not in demonstrating how clever we think we are. Radio WAN is all about you, not about us

Radio WAN operates 24 hours a day and we put as many hours of live presentation as we can into each day. We operate on Western Australian Standard Time, which is UTC (That’s GMT or Zulu if you prefer) + 8. Western Australia doesn’t do the Daylight Saving thing, so our schedules will shift a bit if you Save Daylight where you are.

At Radio WAN, we’re passionate about what we do and hope that you enjoy our station at least half as much as we do!